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How much does it cost to learn to code through the weekly classes?

The prices vary based on the number of units purchased, each unit includes 5 weeks of our weekly classes that last 2 hours per week. It is more beneficial to register for multiple units.


We offer our Minecraft Coding course, be sure to purchase the Minecraft Java edition game separately.

(The price is subject to change without notice)

Frequently asked questions

How much does an online camp cost?

The price is determined by the number of weeks; each week is divided into 5 classes that last 2 hours each, from Monday to Friday, this represents one unit of the course.


Our virtual camps are offered during spring break and the summer break. The content for the camps is the same as the content in our weekly classes. In order to continue their progress in their coding skills students can do several weeks of camp during different school breaks.

(The price is subject to change without notice)

Frequently asked questions

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What parents say about us

Mathieu P.
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Our 8 year son loves it, he is very excited about each of his Minecraft lessons. The only small comment I would like to make is that there is little feedback from the teacher regarding whether or not they complete the requirements of each module. It would be interesting if the teacher could give comments at the end of the lessons on the work done during the period.
Paul-André B.
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Excellent activity that promotes the learning of programming. Very suitable for autistic children. My two children love it and they talk about it nonstop, they appreciate it that much.
Patricia D.
Read More
My child seems to be happy and enthusiastic to participate in these workshops. I think it responds well to his desire to create and learn in the computer world. After class, he shows us what he has learned and what he can do. The professor really seems to guide them well in this. To this day, I think he will continue the other chapters as well. Great service. They conduct great follow-ups. Communication is very fast.
école de code pour enfant Studio XP

Studio XP

Studio XP was created in 2015 by Cyril Vermeil and David Blanchard, former directors of Ubisoft studios. Our mission is to provide kids aged 8 to 19 with a professional experience in the video game industry. Let’s have fun building some serious computer skills together.

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