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Last revised: December 2023



The company reserves the rights to close the site and to change, at any time, the way it looks and the availability of the services and content that are given through it, without being required to inform anyone. Therefore, there will be no complaint, lawsuit, or demand from this site because of or connected to this. The company does not commit to updating the programs at any time. People or organizations are asked not to make any decisions that are either solely or partially based on what is written on our website, including professional decisions, preferences, choices that they need to make, or anything else, without receiving information and independent advice from a professional who is unrelated to this company. Nothing that is written on this site should be seen as a recommendation under any circumstances.

The company does not promise that the services offered on the site will not be interrupted, and/or will be given on schedule without any recesses or disturbances, and/or will be immune to unlawful access to the company’s computer, damages, breakages, mishaps or malfunctions in hardware, software, or communication lines of the company or any of its service providers, and will not be damaged for any other reason. The company will not be held responsible for any damage, distress, or anything else, whether directly or indirectly caused, that may be caused to your or your possessions through use of this site, its information, and services.

Use of the site is the user’s responsibility. The company will not be held responsible for liability as a result of any use, misuse, or omission of site content. The company will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage, causational or incidental, caused from accessing the site, the use of the site, or being hindered from using or accessing the site, whether it is caused by law or by damages. The company is not responsible for any damages, including “viruses” or software applications, to the user’s computer equipment or to any other of the user’s property, that may be caused by access, surfing, or other use of the website, including but not exclusive to, any information downloads from the site.


All copyrights on the site, including design, software, application, graphic files, text, computer codes, and anything else included in the site, are owned solely by the company and/or by the company’s service providers, and/or by its business partners, according to subject. It is forbidden to copy, distribute, or publicly show, translate, or transfer to any third party, any part of the above without the explicit and prior permission from Wall Street, in writing. The name “Technological Leadership Development Center,” the domain name of the site, and any of the company’s trademarks (whether registered or unregistered) belong solely to Studio XP Inc.


The company, and all those who received written permission from it, and only them, are permitted to publish on the site of Studio XP. Advertisements and commercial information are of the site’s choosing or of a third party’s choosing, and may be published in any fashion that the company sees fit. It is completely forbidden to erase, injure, disrupt or garble, interfere, or oppose any advertisement or commercial information, in any way, shape, or form. Studio XP Inc., which runs the site of Studio XP, will be allowed, at any time and without prior warning, to erase any advertisement or commercial information that was advertised in contradiction to its terms of use. The company does not guarantee that all links work and lead to an active internet site. The fact that a given link is found on the company’s site does not mean that the company endorses the content, or finds it reliable and/or updated. The company will not be responsible for any damages, indirectly or directly incurred, that may be caused to a user and/or his property, as a result of use or reliance on information and software that appear on the site, that he arrived at via the site’s link or advertisement.


This site and its owners abide by the laws of the State of Canada. A user wishing to submit a legal complaint to the company will be allowed to file in any court, providing that his local court will legally, and in every case, abide by the rulings of the court in Montréal. The courts in Montréal will fully have the authority to rule on any and all cases related to use of this site.


We want you to be satisfied with our service! If you have any issues with your course, please contact our customer care team and give us the opportunity to make things right 😊


Missed course modules cannot be resumed at another time or with another group.

The student can repeat the missed module by themself, thanks to the detailed course content available on our internet platform (Moodle). They can also get help from their teacher before the next module. Our teachers are available 15 minutes before each class to answer questions from students and their parents.


It is possible to reschedule – free of charge – units that have not yet started by sending an email to info@studioxp.online.

The email must be sent no later than 6 days before the 1st day of the online weekly class or camp.

After this time, the 1st module will be invoiced to you.


Just send an email to info@studioxp.online. This email sets the date for the refund request. The refund is made to the credit card that was used for the initial payment. Any change of credit card must be indicated in the refund request, in particular in the event of loss or fraud.


Exceptionally, it may happen that Studio XP is forced to cancel a class / camp or change the schedule.

Parents are then notified as soon as possible. If the change does not suit them, they are reimbursed free of charge.



The Studio XP teacher group bears no responsibility for the student’s equipment (e.g., computer, modem, and speakers). In other words, you are exclusively responsible for the condition of your personal equipment and for performing the obligatory technical checks.


The Studio XP teacher group shall not be held legally accountable for the production, distribution and character of contents made by registrants after the end of the course, camp or workshop.

The Studio XP teacher group hereby declares that the company’s liability for any student’s claim whatsoever is limited to the sum that he or she has paid for the course(s). Furthermore, the Studio XP teacher group shall not be held legally accountable for any and all indirect damage.


Certain links on STUDIO XP’s Websites and Platform may direct Users or Customers away from the Websites or Platform to third-party websites. STUDIO XP has no control over such websites and is in no way responsible for their content. When Users or Customers use such third-party websites, they do so at their own risk. Users and Customers agree that STUDIO XP shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused by, or in connection with, the use of such third-party websites.

In addition, certain courses included in our services require the use of third-party software, applications, products, services, platforms, video games and websites (“Third-Party Services”). In this case, Customers acknowledge that (i) terms and conditions and/or privacy policies other than those of STUDIO XP may apply, (ii) their use of Third-Party Services offered through STUDIO XP is entirely at their own convenience and is their sole responsibility, (iii) they are responsible for reading and complying with the terms and conditions and/or privacy policies applicable to such Third-Party Services prior to using them and purchasing a STUDIO XP course that requires the use of Third-Party Services, (iv) STUDIO XP has not made any representation or warranty regarding compliance with any applicable law of the terms and conditions and/or privacy policies applicable to such Third Party Services, and (v) STUDIO XP shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused by, or in connection with, the use of such Third Party Services.

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