Reimbursement policies in case of cancelation

Canceling a regular session of courses

The policy has been designed to allow to subscribe for a long period of time, while being able to cancel and get a refund.

  • Before the activity starts and until the 3rd course, you can obtain a refund of the remaining, canceled courses, for a penalty fee of 50$.
  • After the 3rd course, the current session of 6 courses must be completed. The classes of the following sessions will be refunded, with a 50$ fee.
  • Before canceling, students (or their parent) must talk to the teacher.

Canceling a day camp

  • Until May 31, the full amount will be refunded, for a penalty fee of 50$.
  • From June 1 onwards, refunds are no longer possible
  • It is possible, at all times, to ask for credit for a later activity with Studio XP.

Obtaining your reimbursement

  • To obtain your refund, you must signal your cancelation to us by email at Your cancelation refund will only take into account the classes that took place the day after the date of your email. Classes missed prior to your email will not be refunded.
  • The reimbursement request is processed within 21 working days following the cancelation email. It will take and additional 5 to 10 days for the refund to appear on your credit card’s statement.

Change of date, time or location and course cancelation

  • Studio XP can cancel a session of courses if the number of participants is insufficient. In this case, the enrolled students will be entirely refunded.
  • Studio XP can decide to change the location or the schedule of a course. Should it happen, all participants will be advised by email. Those who cannot attend will be reimbursed.

Class dates, schedule and location modification

Studio XP reserves the right to change the location of classes prior to the start of, or during the session. If this happens, the enrolled students will be notified as soon as possible. Students who cannot participate because of a change will be fully reimbursed.

Payment defaults

  • Delays, resceduling of payment date, change in payment method and rejected credit card all incur a penalty fee of $20
  • Late payment: The student will not be able to attend the class nor access the teaching material until the payment is received.

Absences and tardiness

Students must send an email to or use the portal to notify their absence to the professor or customer service. Missed classes are not refunded.

Discipline and attitude

Studio XP reserves the right to exclude students based on the following: indiscipline and attitude or behaviors that hinder the group; repeated tardiness or absences; repeated lack of implication in the course.

Personnal devices, software and saving students’ work

Students must have a computer at home to make the most of the courses. Its required powerfulness depends on the chosen program. Students are responsable for their computers working correctly, for the installation of the softwares provided by Studio XP and for saving their work.
After the session of classes ends, Studio XP will not keep or save individual work and assignments. After a few weeks, the course contents will become unaccessible to students.

Rights to images and intellectual property

Participants and their parents authorise Studio XP to use pictures, recordings and videos (taken during class time) where they are featured, for means of promoting Studio XP (online, TV, newspaper, etc.). Students’ work can be used to promote Studio XP, even after the session of classes has ended.