Spring Break Coding Camp
& Online Activities
for Kids & Teens

Tête d'enfant

For children
aged 8 to 14

Picto All levels

For all levels
and abilities

Turn a school break into a fun computer skill crash course

Online classes of coding through video game creation

Monday to Friday

2 hour classes every day

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Expert instructor

and a virtual classroom

Picto children group learning coding through video games creation

Small groups by age

7 to 9 participants

How does our

virtual camp work?

Every day, Monday to Friday, participants meet online with their instructor and friends. Classes last 2 hours and happen in a virtual classroom every day at the same time for one week. The instructor gives group instruction and individual feedback.

What kids learn:

Picto Coding Algorithms


Computer logic

What does

your child need to participate?

First, the Minecraft camp is for everyone. We’ll adapt to the participant’s level. Then, besides the obvious computer, Internet connection, webcam, audio, and headphones, parents must buy the Minecraft Java Edition license ($29.99).

Cours hebdo pour apprendre le code par le jeu vidéo


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Children cover the equivalent of 1 unit every week

Camps give participants the opportunity to cover a lot of material quickly.
Within a week, children can be expected to do the equivalent of about one

Introduction to computer logic

Minecraft cube

Unit 1

Mastering the Redstone​

Minecraft cube

Unit 2

Using command blocks​

Learning to automate tasks

Minecraft cube

Unit 3

Creating a static puzzle game​

Minecraft cube

Unit 4

Creating a dynamic course-like game

Coding in Java with visual blocks

Minecraft cube

Unit 5

Creating new objects and ores

Minecraft cube

Unit 6

Automating stone constructions

Minecraft cube

Unit 7

Creating custom mods​

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Parents talk about minecraft coding course!


Picto FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no prerequisites, but they must be used to using a computer.

Some aspects of game creation have been simplified to be accessible to beginners, but the principles and methods are those of professionals.

This course is for young people who love computers and are ready to take on technical challenges and use complex software.

  • The help of a parent is recommended for the installation of the software, before the first lesson.
  • Your child will likely need your help to install the software or your presence in one of our technical assistance sessions
  • You should be around during the first lesson to make sure that everything is working
  • Participate in parent-teacher meetings (at the end of each chapter, in the weekly class formula)
Free technical assistance sessions are available online.

Hardware – You need a computer that provides average performance. That would be a processor of at least 2 GHz. No Chromebook or tablets are allowed. To test your computer’s performance, download and run the Minecraft demo. If it runs smoothly, your computer is powerful enough.

Make sure you have enough bandwidth to allow video calls. Also, have a webcam, a microphone, headphones, and a mouse to facilitate your child’s experience.


Software – You need to buy, download, and install Minecraft Java Edition.

We welcome varied profiles, with success, thanks to flexible and personalized teaching tools.

There is no exam or performance pressure. Everyone can follow the course at their own pace, because most of the time, students do not all do the same thing at the same time. Our entire team is sensitive to neurodiversity:
High-level ASD
Difficulties in reading, writing and language
Lack of interest in school
Excessive video game practice

We ask parents to give practical information to the teacher, first by email (info@studioxp.online) then live, before a lesson.

Teachers are available 15 minutes before each class for private and confidential discussions. 

The Customer Support team is at your disposal too.

Missed course modules cannot be resumed at another time or with another group.
The student can repeat the missed module by themself, thanks to the detailed course content available on our internet platform (Moodle). They can also get help from their teacher before the next module. Our teachers are available 15 minutes before each class to answer questions from students and their parents.

Students in shared custody can follow their course with both parents , on two different computers. All they have to do is install the software, save their work for each lesson and transfer the files either by email or using a USB key.

It is possible to reschedule – free of charge – units that have not yet started by sending an email to info@studioxp.online.
The email must be sent no later than 6 days before the 1st day of the online weekly class or camp.
After this time, the 1st module will be invoiced to you.


Just send an email to info@studioxp.online. This email sets the date for the refund request.
The refund is made to the credit card that was used for the initial payment. Any change of credit card must be indicated in the refund request, in particular in the event of loss or fraud.

Online Weekly Classes:

  • Post-email modules are refunded in full, if a 6 day notice is provided.
    After this time, you will be charged for the next module.
  • Missed modules (absences) are not refunded.
  • The amount that is refunded is based on 10 hours of classes which correspond to the first five modules of a unit

Online Camps:

  • Post-email modules are refunded in full, if a 6 day notice is provided.
    After this time, you will be charged for the next module.
  • Missed modules (absences) are not refunded.


Exceptionally, it may happen that Studio XP is forced to cancel a class / camp or change the schedule.
Parents are then notified as soon as possible. If the change does not suit them, they are refunded free of charge.



Refer to the question: “What happens in the event of absence or shared custody?”

You may find the answer to your question in the full list of FAQs.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email info@studioxp.online

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