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We teach young people aged 8 to 19 how to program by creating their own video game

Child at home taking part in an online minecraft course

How does
an online programming camp for children and teenagers work?

Online classes of coding through video game creation

2h per day

Monday to Friday

Picto Coding software

A standard computer
is all you need

what are
our online camps?

Boy learning to code during an online course

Every day, your child meets with their friends in a small private group. The instructor offers creative challenges and helps them to develop good programming reflexes. Your child learns how to code and at the end of the camp, they will proudly be able to present you with their first video game.

Your child will be able to continue to progress with the next unit of their program during the next school break.

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Picto children group learning coding through video games creation

Small group

by age and level

Picto Creativite

Designed for young people

adapted platform

You need a PC or Mac with average performance, ie with a processor of at least 2 GHz (no Chromebook or tablet).


Sufficient internet connection for the videoconference.
Webcam, microphone, headphones (e.g. phone headphones)


All software is provided, by email. You will receive an installation guide, and an invitation to one of our technical support sessions.
For the Minecraft Coder course, it will be necessary to purchase the Minecraft Java Edition game beforehand (see the “Minecraft Curriculum” section).

For the Game Creator with Roblox Course, it will be necessary to download the free software on the official Roblox Studio site (see the “Game Creator with Roblox Course” section).


All you need is a 2 GHz processor. In 99% of cases, you don’t have to worry about other performance parameters (RAM, graphics card…).


To know your Windows processor: Right click on the Start Menu, on the left of the task bar, and choose System.
To know your Mac processor: 
Choose Apple Menu (🍎) > About This Mac, top left.


To test the power of your computer

Some processors below 2 GHz are suitable.
The best test is simply to play Minecraft: If the game is smooth, your computer is suitable for all XP courses.
Download the free version of Minecraft (demo).

If you have to buy a computer

All you need is a $500 model, equipped for video conferencing (webcam, microphone).
Choose a PC over a Mac, if you have the choice.


Optional equipment

A 2nd screen can improve the experience as various tools will be running at the same time, but it is not a requirement for the Minecraft course.

There are no prerequisites, but they must be used to using a computer.

Some aspects of game creation have been simplified to be accessible to beginners, but the principles and methods are those of professionals.

This course is for young people who love computers and are ready to take on technical challenges and use complex software.

Which camp theme
will your child enjoy?

We offer a free trial lesson online. Sign up with your child. Our exercises will help you assess your child’s preferences. Our instructor will be able to advise you; just ask.


Don’t worry: You can change your theme selection after the 1st lesson.

Online camps
how much does it cost?
how are they structured?

A unit lasts 5 days, with 2 hour sessions from Monday to Friday.

The camps take place during the school holidays and the summer. Our programmes are complete and based on 7 units of evolving projects.

The price is subject to change without notice.


The programmes are comprehensive and progressive. Children develop their skills through various projects throughout the course. Continuing the chapters allows children to consolidate what they have learnt.

We offer a discount when you take more than one course. And if you change your mind, you can cancel without penalty.

It is possible to reschedule – free of charge – units that have not yet started by sending an email to
The email must be sent no later than 6 days before the 1st day of the online weekly class or camp.
After this time, the 1st module will be invoiced to you.

Just send an email to This email sets the date for the refund request.
The refund is made to the credit card that was used for the initial payment. Any change of credit card must be indicated in the refund request, in particular in the event of loss or fraud.

Online Weekly Classes:

  • Post-email modules are refunded in full, if a 6 day notice is provided.
    After this time, you will be charged for the next module.
  • Missed modules (absences) are not refunded.
  • The amount that is refunded is based on 10 hours of classes which correspond to the first five modules of a unit

Online Camps:

  • Post-email modules are refunded in full, if a 6 day notice is provided.
    After this time, you will be charged for the next module.
  • Missed modules (absences) are not refunded.

Exceptionally, it may happen that Studio XP is forced to cancel a class / camp or change the schedule.
Parents are then notified as soon as possible. If the change does not suit them, they are refunded free of charge.


Refer to the question: “What happens in the event of absence or shared custody?”

Missed course modules cannot be resumed at another time or with another group.
The student can repeat the missed module by themself, thanks to the detailed course content available on our internet platform (Moodle). They can also get help from their teacher before the next module. Our teachers are available 15 minutes before each class to answer questions from students and their parents.

Students in shared custody can follow their course with both parents, on two different computers. All they have to do is install the software, save their work for each lesson and transfer the files either by email or using a USB key.

Limited places, check availability.
Access the timetables and register your child.

Who is the virtual classroom instructor
of your child?

6th Gif of our instructors at Studio XP School
2nd Gif of our instructors at Studio XP School
6th Gif of our instructors at Studio XP School
4th Gif of our instructors at Studio XP School
Founded in 2016 by former Ubisoft studio directors, Studio XP specialises in teaching video game creation. All our instructors are experts in video game creation, passing on their passion to your child.   Come and meet us by signing up for a trial lesson.

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We also offer weekly online lessons!

Our online lessons are given by a teacher, in small groups, by age and level, 2 hours a week.

We also offer camps!

Our online camps are taught by a teacher, in small groups, by age and level. 2 hours a day, Monday to Friday during the holidays.