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Votre enfant apprend à coder, concevoir, programmer et développer ses jeux vidéo

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Le fonctionnement

Chaque semaine, votre enfant retrouve son groupe et progresse dans la création de son projet de jeu vidéo.

Il est accompagné par son professeur et profite de supports de cours toujours accessibles.


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Par chapitre de 6 semaines

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Des cours en ligne flexibles

L'avantage Studio XP

L’année est découpée en sessions de 6 semaines (1 session = 1 chapitre).

Vous pouvez annuler ou décaler un chapitre
, votre enfant retrouvera un groupe de son niveau.
En cas d’absence, il rattrape son retard grâce au support de cours.


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February 6th

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Why entrust your child to us?

Pourquoi confier son enfant à Studio XP

Designed for young people

They learn technologies from their centers of interest.

Pourquoi confier son enfant à Studio XP

Caring teachers

Each young person benefits from personalized support.

Pourquoi confier son enfant à Studio XP

Everyone has their own pace

The more seasoned go faster. No one feels any pressure.

école de code pour enfant Studio XP


Studio XP code school

Created in 2015 by Ubisoft alumni, Studio XP specializes in teaching video game creation for 8 to 20 year olds. All teachers are industry pros who are committed to sharing their passion with young people.


Through video games, children and teenagers discover programming, design and graphics, fields that lead to jobs of the future. They develop their autonomy and their taste for digital learning. They find a way to express their creativity, and learn to collaborate.

What parents say about us

Mathieu P.
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Our 8 year son loves it, he is very excited about each of his Minecraft lessons. The only small comment I would like to make is that there is little feedback from the teacher regarding whether or not they complete the requirements of each module. It would be interesting if the teacher could give comments at the end of the lessons on the work done during the period.
Paul-André B.
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Excellent activity that promotes the learning of programming. Very suitable for autistic children. My two children love it and they talk about it nonstop, they appreciate it that much.
Patricia D.
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My child seems to be happy and enthusiastic to participate in these workshops. I think it responds well to his desire to create and learn in the computer world. After class, he shows us what he has learned and what he can do. The professor really seems to guide them well in this. To this day, I think he will continue the other chapters as well. Great service. They conduct great follow-ups. Communication is very fast.

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