PYTHON Programmer

Coding applied to video games
For ages 10 to 15


The benefits of the Python Programming camp

Picto Complete and Successful Game

Your child assimilates the basics of a language of the future

Picto Creativite

Your child learns while having fun

Picto Coding software

They learn concrete skills thanks to the creation of several mini-games

Python 2

What do the participants

The basics of programming using the Python language

Supervised by a specialized instructor, your child uses the Python computer language while having fun. They will :
  • Learn to code by creating mini-games
  • Solve puzzles
Whether your child studied Python at school or not, our camp will take them to a whole new level.
Logo Python

Python language

Coding Lagotihms


Pictogram coding logic

Logical thinking

There are no prerequisites, but they must be used to using a computer.


The camp is suitable for beginners in Python and those who have already taken several courses in secondary school

We welcome varied profiles, with success, thanks to flexible and personalized teaching tools.

There is no exam or performance pressure. Everyone can follow the course at their own pace, because most of the time, students do not all do the same thing at the same time. Our entire team is sensitive to neurodiversity:
High-level ASD
Difficulties in reading, writing and language
Lack of interest in school
Excessive video game practice

We ask parents to give practical information to the teacher, first by email ( then live, before a lesson.

Teachers are available 15 minutes before each class for private and confidential discussions.

The Customer Support team is at your disposal too.

How does it work

During their week of camp, your child develops several mini-games.


Every day your child joins their virtual classroom for their 2-hour camp. There, they will find his instructor and his friends, and progress in their learning process.

Picto children group learning coding through video games creation

In a small group

Picto Studio XP trainer guide

With an instructor

Python 1

You need a PC or Mac with average performance, ie with a processor of at least 2 GHz (no Chromebook or tablet).


Sufficient internet connection for the videoconference.
Webcam, microphone, headphones (e.g. phone headphones)


All software is provided, by email. You will receive an installation guide, and an invitation to one of our technical support sessions.
For the Minecraft Coder course, it will be necessary to purchase the Minecraft Java Edition game beforehand (see the “Minecraft Curriculum” section).

For the Game Creator with Roblox Course, it will be necessary to download the free software on the official Roblox Studio site (see the “Game Creator with Roblox Course” section).


All you need is a 2 GHz processor. In 99% of cases, you don’t have to worry about other performance parameters (RAM, graphics card…).


To know your Windows processor: Right click on the Start Menu, on the left of the task bar, and choose System.
To know your Mac processor: 
Choose Apple Menu (🍎) > About This Mac, top left.


To test the power of your computer

Some processors below 2 GHz are suitable.
The best test is simply to play Minecraft: If the game is smooth, your computer is suitable for all XP courses.
Download the free version of Minecraft (demo).

If you have to buy a computer

All you need is a $500 model, equipped for video conferencing (webcam, microphone).
Choose a PC over a Mac, if you have the choice.


Optional equipment

A 2nd screen can improve the experience as various tools will be running at the same time, but it is not a requirement for the Minecraft course.

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PYTHON is only available for online camps.
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