• 4000 students
    since 2016
  • 16 cities
    Quebec and Ontario

Studio XP

In the video game language, XP means “experience points”.
Studio XP supports schools to become references in the most sought-after technological disciplines.
It counts on the contribution of its team of professionals, who are passionate about technology and who are also pedagogues accustomed to designing programs and to accompanying students and teachers.



After class, directly in your school, Studio XP team will offer :

  • one-hour workshops every week for 8 or 10 weeks
  • a chance to discover how to create video games with the support of an expert in the field
  • an opportunity to knit a close relationship with the adult in charge as well as the other students in the workshop
  • a perfect environment to enable every student to proudly present their own video game.
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Research shows that students who participate in extracurricular activities at school are less likely to drop out. They are also more inclined to do better in school and have bigger personal goals. 

Contact: Ms. Lucie Côté at education@studioxp.ca or 514-717-1882.


Creating educational video games is a great way to encourage perseverance at school for both primary and secondary students.

By finding sources of motivation for students, schools can benefit from offering personalized activity projects or thematic workshops based the creation of video games :

  • video-game creation activities that take place for a few hours, a half-day, full day, or longer
  • made-to-measure concepts on the history and careers available in the video game industry in the form of conferences presented by a professional
  • personalized video-game creation projects in order to meet specific needs or programs at school

The program will be created by our Studio XP team with the help of your teachers in order to ensure a link with teaching content while keeping students’ interests in mind.

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Creating video games allows students to develop a number of key skills, including a sense of initiative, creativity, organization, leadership, and teamwork. It can also reinforce feelings of competence that students develop when undertaking other activities. 

Contact: Ms. Lucie Côté at education@studioxp.ca or 514-717-1882.


Training for TEACHERS

Studio XP team can offer personalized training for teachers, including theoretical basics and workshops. This enables teachers to better understand the key concepts they teach in class and apply them to computing projects with a video-game base.

This type of learning enables us to :

  • support teachers as they hone their technological skills and knowledge so they can integrate it into their teaching
  • learn about the latest tools and apps available or make it easier for teachers to do their work
  • work with your team to help integrate programming into their various disciplines, from math to science and more

Studio XP can also set up various training sessions to provide your team with a unique opportunity to develop integrated multi-subject projects for all your students.

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Our projects will allow teachers to put the mathematical ideas they teach into practice, modify code and add value to their projects. This is ideal for anyone who wants to expand their teaching while maintaining control of the rhythm at which they teach as well as their pedagogical content.

Contact: Ms. Lucie Côté at education@studioxp.ca or 514-717-1882.


The Studio XP team offers specific programs for primary and secondary students to meet the needs of different schools. By hosting a pedagogical day, your institution can establish a stimulating program that will motivate students to spend the day at your school.

Specific workshops can also be set up at our partner high schools to create a sense of loyalty in primary-school students. These students will then associate video-game creation with the school that’s hosting the event. It’s a simple way for a high school to take advantage of their service offer to attract more students.

Contact: Ms. Lucie Côté at education@studioxp.ca or 514-717-1882.


Training INTERNSHIP + Collaboration with CEGEPs and UNIVERSITIES

Studio XP works in collaboration with CEGEPs and universities to provide tailored complementary programs that can help students earn a college degree.

  • This provides students in programs related to video-game creation to secure internships with industry professionals
  • Take additional courses to perfect their knowledge and be even better prepared for future projects.
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Studio XP is always on the lookout for what’s new and what interests young people, which is why we’re already at work setting up new projects to maintain our position as leader in the area of training young people in the technological field. 

Contact: Ms. Lucie Côté at education@studioxp.ca or 514-717-1882.

That’s why partner schools can become leading collaborators for the development of training programs when it comes to future-focused subjects such as robotics, virtual reality and more.